The Wise Men Come At Night

The Wise Men Come At Night

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The Canciones escolares (School Songs) of Braulio Dueño Colón (1854-1934), published in two collections in 1912 and 1925 with Spanish texts from the poets Virgilio Dávila and Manuel Fernández Juncos, were a significant contribution to the musical culture of Puerto Rico.


The poem Los Reyes magos llegan de noche... (The Wise Men Come at Night...) by Manuel Fernández Juncos, which recounts in the tradition of (Hipanic) children's poems, the tale of the Wise Men from the East, is now published for the first time beautifully illustrated and with an adaptation in English. This book will be a valuable resource for primary school teachers. It will also contribute to family-time enjoyment of Christmas stories and songs.

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